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From August 9th to 11th, 2023, the Brazilian Society of Geochemistry (SBGq) together with the Latin American Association of Organic Geochemistry (ALAGO) will host the 19th Brazilian Geochemistry Congress (XIX CBGq) and the 16th Latin American Congress on Organic Geochemistry (ALAGO 2023) in Aracaju, Sergipe. The joint holding of XIX CBGq and ALAGO 2023 reflects a unique moment in the post-pandemic world. We are initiating a partnership aiming to resume face-to-face events and hold the largest event on this theme in Latin America. We hope to gather geochemistry researchers from various countries to promote the meeting of academia, industry, public and private entities through lectures, conferences, workshops, round tables, and presentations of technical-scientific works, providing knowledge exchange and proposals for innovative ideas and collaboration opportunities. We will open space for the main geochemical laboratories and companies to dialogue, promoting a national overview of installed analytical capacities and current and future demands. The two congresses will occur in parallel with a first-rate scientific program, continuing the tradition of previous events. We hope to have you with us at this great and epic event in the charming city of Aracaju, Sergipe, and that you enjoy our scientific program.

This year, XIX CBGq and ALAGO 2023 have "Geochemistry, Science and Society" as guidelines. Geochemistry combines knowledge from Geological and Chemical Sciences with scientific principles that meet the needs of society, whether in energy, mineral, or environmental areas. Geochemistry plays a fundamental role in uniting these interests, aiming at healthy socioeconomic growth, as well as the maintaining and sustainable preservation of an environment in balance with the country's growth. Science and Society should be educational and cultural growth partners in a nation that seeks to achieve its democratic and sovereign consolidation. Brazilian Geochemistry has excellent professionals working in the industry, public and private companies, and in academia, where they contribute directly to technological and scientific advancements that certainly lead to numerous benefits for society. Thus, the 16th Latin American Congress on Organic Geochemistry and the 19th Brazilian Geochemistry Congress are honored to bring together the scientific community for a greater purpose, the dissemination of knowledge for the entire society.


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Thematic Sessions

Thematic Sessions of the XIX CBGq

  • Environmental, Medical and Forensic Geochemistry
  • Hydrosphere Geochemistry
  • Lithosphere Geochemistry
  • Mineral System Geochemistry
  • Inorganic Isotopic Geochemistry and Geochronology
  • Innovations in Analytical Techniques
  • Paleoenvironment, Paleoclimate and Biogeochemistry

Thematic Sessions of ALAGO 2023

  • Petroleum Systems
  • Characterization of Source Rock, Oil and Gas
  • Reservoir Geochemistry
  • Isotopic Geochemistry
  • Environmental Geochemistry
  • Biogeochemistry
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Data Mining & Artificial Intelligence
  • Welcoming and Diversity: Equity in the Geosciences Scenario

Important Dates

February 27th 2023 Opening of registration / Opening for abstract submission
May 31th 2023 Deadline for abstract submission
Jun 30th 2023 Deadline for communication of abstracts acceptance
August 9th 2023 Event opening

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Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee of the XIX CBGq

  • Alcides Nóbrega Sial (UFPE)
  • Maria de Lourdes da Silva Rosa (UFS-SBGq)
  • Marly Babinski (USP-SBGq)
  • Herbet Conceição (UFS-SBGq)
  • Hiakan Soares Santos (PPG-UFBA/SBGq)
  • Jorge Carvalho de Lena (UFOP/SBGq)
  • Thyego Roberto da Silva (APAC-SBGq)
  • Vinícius Anselmo Carvalho Lisboa (IFS/PB-SBGq
  • Mariucha Maria Correia de Lima (APAC-SBGq)
  • Anelise Losangela Bertotti (UFPE-SBGq)
  • Asayuki Rodrigues de Menezes (PGAB/UFS)

Organizing Committee of the ALAGO 2023

  • Alberto Wisniewski Junior (Vice-Presidente da Comissão Organizadora - UFS, Brasil)
  • Boniek Gontijo Vaz (Presidente da Comissão Organizadora - UFG, Brasil)
  • Débora de Almeida Azevedo (UFRJ, Brasil)
  • Georgiana Feitosa da Cruz (UENF, Brasil)
  • Jandyson Machado Santos (UFRPE, Brasil)
  • Laercio Lopes Martins (UFC/UENF Brasil)
  • Mário Duncan Rangel (UFG, Brasil)
  • Rut Amelia Díaz Ramos (UFF, Brasil)
  • Vinícius Barreto Pereira (UFRJ, Brasil)

Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee of the XIX CBGq

  • Alcides Nóbrega Sial (UFPE)
  • Antônio Carlos Pedrosa Soares (UFMG)
  • Ari Roisenberg (UFRGS-SBGq)
  • Carlos Alexandre Borges Garcia (UFS)
  • Ciro Alexandre Ávila (MN-UFRJ)
  • Cláudio de Morrison Valeriano (UERJ)
  • Cristiano Lana (UFOP)
  • Evandro Fernandes Lima (UFRGS)
  • Herbet Conceição (UFS-SBGq)
  • Jacinta Enzweiler (UNICAMP)
  • Jean-Michel Lafon (UFPA-SBGq)
  • Lena Virgínia Soares Monteiro (USP)
  • Leonardo Fadel Cury (UFPR)
  • Manoel Jerônimo Moreira Cruz (UFBA)
  • Marcondes Lima da Costa (UFPA)
  • Maria Helena Bezerra Maia de Hollanda (USP)
  • Olívia Maria Cordeiro de Oliveira (UFBA)
  • Ramsés Capilla (PETROBRAS-SBGq)
  • Roberto Ventura (UnB)
  • Rommulo Vieira Conceição (UFRGS-SBGq)
  • Valderez Pinto Ferreira (UFPE-SBGq)

Scientific Committee of the ALAGO 2023

  • Alexandre Andrade Ferreira (Petrobras, Brasil)
  • Ana Luiza Albuquerque (UFF, Brasil)
  • Carin von Muhlen (UERJ, Brasil)
  • Celeste Yara dos Santos Siqueira (UFRJ, Brasil)
  • Darlly Érika S. dos Reis (UFRJ, Brasil)
  • Elena Stashenko (UIS, Colombia))
  • Eugênio Vaz dos Santos Neto (UFF/GEO, Brasil)
  • Luiz Antonio F. Trindade (UFRJ, Brasil)
  • Liliana Lopez (UCV, Venezuela)
  • Marcelo Corrêa Bernardes (UFF, Brasil)
  • Marcelo da Rosa Alexandre (UFS, Brasil)
  • Sidney Gonçalo de Lima (UFPI, Brasil)


Profa. Adina Paytan

University of California, Santa Cruz
Biogeochemistry, Chemical Oceanography

Prof. Alexis Gilbert

Tokyo Institute of Technology
Isotope Geochemistry

Profa. Débora Azevedo

Petroleum Organic Geochemistry

Profa. Giovana Anceski Bataglion

UFAM - Brazil
Environmental Geochemistry

Profa. Lena Virgínia Soares Monteiro

IGc/USP - Brazil
Metallic Mineral Resources

PhD. Luiz Antônio Freitas Trindade

Geochemistry and Basin Modeling

Profa. Narelle Maia de Almeida

LGMA/UFC – Brazil
Geologia e Geofísica Marinha e do Petróleo

Prof. Paul Philip

University of Oklahoma - Emeritus Professor
Petroleum and Environmental Geochemistry

Profa. Sonia Maria Barros de Oliveira

IGc/USP - Brazil
Environmental Geochemistry

Profa. Vanessa Hatje

UFBA - Brazil
Marine Pollution


Technical Sessions, Poster Sessions, and Conferences will take place from August 9th to 11th, 2023.
(GMT -3)
Aug 8th
Aug 9th
Aug 10th
Aug 11th
(GMT -3)
09:00 Short Courses
Opening event / Conferences Technical Sessions / Conferences Technical Sessions / Conferences 09:00
09:30 09:30
10:00 10:00
10:30 Coffee-Break Coffee-Break Coffee-Break 10:30
11:00 Technical Sessions / Conferences Technical Sessions / Conferences Technical Sessions / Conferences 11:00
11:30 11:30
12:30 Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break Lunch Break 12:30
14:00 Short Courses
Technical Sessions / Conferences Technical Sessions / Conferences Technical Sessions / Conferences 14:00
14:30 14:30
15:00 15:00
15:30 15:30
16:00 Poster session Poster session 16:00
16:30 16:30
17:00 17:00
17:30 Cultural activities Cultural activities Solenidade de Encerramento 17:30
18:00 18:00
18:30 18:30


Del Mar Hotel
Av. Santos Dumont, 1500 - Coroa do Meio, Aracaju - SE, 49035-730



1) Paypal
- PayPal directly on the event website, accessing the systemClick here to register

2) PIX
- Making a PIX. The PIX key is: ae33a8a2-8385-4829-b01f-629cd17c647b [After payment, send proof to]

3) Bank transfer
- Bank Voltz (Bank Number: 332), Branch No. 0001, Checking Account No. 110311924-6, CNPJ: 29.418.514/0001-43. After payment, send proof to


For groups of 5 (five) or more registered in the same category, a 10% discount will be granted on the registration fee for all. Everyone must register, make payment through PIX or bank transfer, considering the group discount. One of the registrants must gather in a single email the name and proof of payment of all and send it to with the title “Group Registration”.

Profissional Member

R$ 800,00

Before April 30th: R$ 500,00

Before July 6th: R$ 650,00

After July 7th: R$ 800,00

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Undergraduate Student Member
R$ 140,00

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After July 7th: R$ 140,00

Profissional Non-Affiliated
R$ 1.000,00

Before April 30th: R$ 700,00

Before July 6th: R$ 850,00

After July 7th: R$ 1.000,00

Graduate Students Non-Affiliated
R$ 400,00

Before April 30th: R$ 300,00

Before July 6th: R$ 350,00

After July 7th: R$ 400,00

Undergraduate Students Non-Affiliated
R$ 220,00

Before April 30th: R$ 180,00

Before July 6th: R$ 200,00

After July 7th: R$ 220,00


Welcoming and Inclusion

The organizing committee of the XIX CBGq & ALAGO 2023 recognizes the urgent need to make scientific events more inclusive, diverse and representative.

As one of the actions for this path, we share with you the Welcome Form developed by the GeoMamas Group, which aims to identify the profile and specific needs of potential participants, in order to guide the adoption of welcoming measures for the diversities.

This querytakes into account the amplitude of our community in terms of gender, social class, ethnicity, age, disabilities, parenthood and specific needs

In this first contact, we want to know more about you, your arrival and your expectations for the congress: will you bring companions? Will you bring kids? What services are necessary for your attendance?

You can contribute by answering the form, even if you are not registered yet. It takes less than 3 minutes and will be available until August 9th!

Your participation is very important!

Access the form

Get to know the GeoMamas group:


Phone: (79) 3194-7525